The Ingathering of the Exile: Mashiach Began Reuniting the 12 Tribes?

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The Gathering of the Exile

Contemplate deeply this notion. The twelve stones are likened unto the twelve stones upon the sacred breastplate, each representing a tribe of our people, yes? Additionally, each stone aligns with a month of the Jewish calendar. Upon this preliminary meditation, it may be discerned that these stones are markers for the final generation. As it is written, all stones shall converge into a singular unity. This convergence echoes the prophetic vision of the sticks of Ephraim and Judah, uniting as one. Ephraim stood for the ten northern tribes, while Judah was for Benjamin and Judah. Hence, their union heralds the gathering of all twelve tribes.

Returning now to the stones, each not only marks a month but also embodies distinct energies and Sefirot. From these observations, it appears that the twelve stones are bestowed as a divine instrument for the last generation. Mashiach uses this system to identify the twelve tribes by the birth month of each soul. Each month’s souls, while unique, share a deep-rooted linkage, for truly, all creation is intertwined.

Through our unity, both in flesh and spirit, these twelve stones will merge into one. In such unity, Mashiach shall discern all tribes, simply by beholding them, grasping simple truths about their existence, and perceiving the divine orchestration through the epochs, as well as the paths of exile and return as disclosed to Moses in the twilight of Deuteronomy.

The regathering of the exiles is more symbolic than physically significant, it is crucial to step back, observe, and understand our current stance regarding the Land of Israel. As Israel unites as a spiritual force before a physical one, the physical ingathering follows and is not the central theme presented to us.

Therefore, it is essential to recognize that the words of the Prophets are not to be taken literally; rather, prophecies often arrive metaphorically, with symbols that embody deeper divine truths. We must exercise caution and not succumb to the onslaught targeting our nation—a perpetual assault aimed at distorting and falsifying the words of our Prophets by manipulating the masses into literal interpretations of the prophecies. This tactic is employed by those who do not understand, recognize, or respect the Torah, known as the Erev Rav. We must firmly resist allowing those with a primary goal of manipulating and undermining the Torah to dictate our understanding of it.

May you be blessed with wisdom to discern the deeper meanings within the teachings and the unity they bring. May your understanding grow like the cedars of Lebanon, strong and upright, and may peace and insight flourish in your heart as you walk the paths laid down by our forebears. May the light of Torah illuminate your journey, and may you find fulfillment in the embrace of our collective heritage. Shalom.

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