Three Stories of Royals, Divinity, and Authentic Love

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The Three Parables: A tale of a royal quest, an intricate dance between HaShem and Israel, and the unfolding saga of Mashiach’s revelation.

A Humble Prince’s Quest:

In a far-off majestic land, Prince Akeem, heir to the throne, was revered by all. His palace shimmered in gold, and his word was law. Yet, when the time came for him to choose a queen, he yearned for a love that was true and pure, not just awe-inspired by his royalty.

He decided to embark on a quest. Disguising himself as a simple goat herder, Akeem traveled to distant lands. He believed that by hiding his true identity, he would find a queen who loved him for who he was, not for his crown.

And so, in this humble garb, he encountered many, from merchants to commoners, and experienced the trials and tribulations of a common man. Over time, he met a woman whose heart was pure, who saw the prince within the goat herder. Their love blossomed not because of his title, but because of the shared dreams, values, and the unspoken bond they felt.

When Akeem finally revealed his true self, his queen wasn’t enamored by his wealth or status, but by the depth of his soul and the lengths he’d go to for genuine love. Their union was not just a marriage of two people, but of two souls bound by authenticity and mutual respect.

The Divine Concealment:

In a similar vein, HaShem, the Infinite King of the Universe, concealed His overwhelming light to pursue a profound relationship with His chosen bride, Israel. The world, in its vastness, with its distractions, hardships, and fleeting joys, is His way of hiding His true essence.

Just as Prince Akeem wore the clothes of a goat herder, HaShem wears the cloak of nature, history, and human experience. He yearns for Israel, His bride, to seek Him out not because of the overt miracles and wonders but to recognize the subtle hints, the concealed love notes He leaves behind in the fabric of daily life.

And just like the woman who saw the prince within the goat herder, Israel, through the Torah and mitzvot, learns to see beyond the veil, to recognize the Divine hand in everything, and to love HaShem for His essence. When the final revelation occurs, when HaShem removes His mask and reveals His true self, Israel’s love will be profound, not because of the revelations, but because of the deep, authentic connection nurtured during the time of concealment.

Such is the dance of love, where sometimes, the most profound connections are forged not in moments of revelation, but in the quiet whispers of concealed truths, waiting to be discovered.

The Awaited Revealed:

In the vast kingdom of the world, an era unfolded where darkness seemed to prevail. Amid this, tales whispered of an anticipated savior, Mashiach, a prince of unparalleled wisdom and righteousness. But where was he? The world sought him, but he was concealed, much like Prince Akeem, in a garb that made him indistinguishable from any other.

In this intricate dance of concealment and revelation, the Mashiach, unbeknownst to many, moved amongst them. He too sought a genuine connection, a world ready not just for redemption, but yearning for it from a place of deep understanding and desire for unity with HaShem.

As days turned to years, and years into centuries, small glimmers of his presence echoed throughout the annals of history. These moments, like hidden jewels, were lessons, trials, and preparations for the world, molding it to be ready to recognize and embrace his true essence.

And then, when the time is right, when the world has been refined through its challenges, when it yearns not just for relief but for genuine closeness to the Divine, the Mashiach will reveal himself. This revelation, akin to Prince Akeem showing his true identity to his beloved, will be a moment where the world doesn’t just see a king, but the embodiment of millennia of yearning, the living bridge connecting humanity to its Divine source.

The joy, then, won’t be just in the Mashiach’s revelation, but in the profound journey, the world undertook to reach that point. A journey of seeking truth, of recognizing the concealed Divine sparks in every challenge, and of preparing their hearts to be a throne for the spiritual leadership of Mashiach.

In this ultimate union, the world will come to understand that the concealment was but a prelude, a means to deepen the relationship, ensuring that when the awaited prince reveals himself, the bond formed is unbreakable and eternal.


The metaphors and analogies utilized in this post are inspired by the narrative and characters from the film “Coming to America” (1988) directed by John Landis. Any interpretation or transformation of the movie’s plot for the purpose of this article is the author’s own and not a reflection of the original intent of the filmmakers. This is purely a work of creative inspiration and holds no official association with the aforementioned film or its creators.

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