Ascending Dreams: Divine Torah Study with HaShem in the Sanctity of Night

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In the quietude of night, when the world slumbers into silence, there lies a profound yearning within the hearts of the faithful to traverse the ethereal realms of Shamayim, to sit at the feet of the Divine, and to immerse oneself in the celestial study of Torah with HaShem. This sacred aspiration, to ascend in dreams and partake in divine Torah study, beckons us to embark upon a journey not of the physical, but of the spirit, guided by the illuminating light of piety and devotion.

To embark upon this journey, to ascend to the heights of Shamayim in our dreams, one must first anchor one’s life in the bedrock of sanctity, nurturing a heart that beats in rhythm with the divine commandments. The sages teach us that the pathway to celestial realms begins with the purification of the heart, a sincere purification that seeks to align one’s intentions and actions with the will of HaShem. It is in the quiet moments before sleep that one is called to engage in introspection, a soulful review of the day’s deeds, seeking forgiveness for transgressions and missteps, thereby cleansing the soul in preparation for its nightly ascent.

The study of Torah and prayer form the pillars upon which this spiritual preparation rests. The recitation of the Shema, that profound declaration of faith, serves as a sanctifying whisper that envelops the soul, preparing it for its journey through the realms of sleep. It is with a heart brimming with yearning that one should then turn to HaShem in prayer, expressing the deep desire to ascend to Shamayim and to be granted the privilege of studying Torah from the Divine source itself. This longing, when coupled with a life lived in righteousness and unwavering devotion, becomes the key that unlocks the gates to the celestial realms, allowing the soul to embark on a profound journey of connection and learning with the Divine in the sanctity of dreams.

Rav Shaday Pinhas, the esteemed Chief Rabbi of Africa, in his wisdom, draws our attention to the transformative journey from being a dreamer to becoming a believer, exemplified by the righteous Yosef HaTzaddik. It is this transition, from one state of being to another, that embodies the essence of true righteousness. To serve HaShem even in sleep, to transform the act of sleeping into an act of devotion, is a question that lies at the heart of our spiritual journey. It is not to sleep in forgetfulness and error that we aspire, but to be vigilant servants of HaShem, even in the stillness of night.

The Rav teaches that the sanctity of sleep, the preparation for this divine ascent, is not merely a matter of closing one’s eyes to the world but is a conscious act of purification and dedication. By adhering to the Rav advice laid out before us, our sleep becomes not just a period of rest but an ascension, an opportunity for our souls to be cradled by the Divine, taught the lessons needed for the morrow. In this way, we do not merely remain believers but evolve, day by day, into embodiments of faith, continuously building our lives in the image of true believers, transitioning from dreamers to believers.

Thus, in our quest to ascend to Shamayim in dreams, to unlock the divine study of Torah with HaShem, we are reminded of the sanctity of our daily actions, the purity of our intentions, and the depth of our devotion. Through the sanctification of our hearts, the study of Torah, and the power of prayer, we prepare our souls for the nightly journey into the celestial realms, where, by the grace of HaShem, we may be privileged to study Torah at the source of Divine wisdom.

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    Shalom B’H. La Sombra del Eterno le acompañe siempre, Gracias Gracias Gracias por tan maravillosa enseñanza y gran Sabiduría. Nunca había leído sus enseñanzas y doy Gracias a nuestro Hashem por permitir leer sus enseñanzas. Agradezco desde mi Alma por aprender cada día su gran Sabiduría. Gracias Gracias Gracias por siempre Rabí.🕎✡

    • 2
      Dovid E. Yirmeyahu

      Tu expresión de gratitud por las enseñanzas y la sabiduría que se te han concedido es verdaderamente humilde. Es inspirador presenciar tu dedicación al aprendizaje y tu reconocimiento de la presencia divina que guía tu camino. Que HaShem continúe iluminando tu camino con perspicacias cada vez más profundas y bendiciones.

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